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Weekly Reminders

Term Two Week Seven – Commencing Monday 27th May 2024

Vision, Mission, Values


St Emilie’s Catholic Primary School promotes life-long learning, in a safe and nurturing environment. We build upon the example of Jesus, using the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, to ‘Grow in Grace’.


Our mission is to inspire, nurture and support children to grow, as confident and capable learners and as authentic Christian people, relating to an ever changing world.


We respect ourselves and each other
We strive for excellence
We build well-being
We create a safe environment

From The Principal

Dear Families, 

Welcome to Week Seven. 

As staff at St Emilie’s, we are consistently inspired and left in awe by the children in our care. This week, this very reflective and emotive piece of writing was shared with me by one of our teachers in Year Five. 

The children had been completing a writing piece facilitated by the Whitlam Institute where the children had to reflect on the question ‘What Matters?’ 

I am sure you will all agree that what this child was able to produce is a beautiful, inspiring and refreshing piece. 

‘What matters? 

Well to me family matters and family should matter to you.  

Those people who you call Mum and Dad or Mummy and Daddy, they are the people who raised you, fed you and protected you. 

But if you go to my house you would see what it’s all about. 

Mum is trying to make breakfast. Dad is doing something on his laptop, then my brother keeps shouting “what button is this” or “do you want to play Minecraft with me?” Then my sister keeps running around the house. After a while she trips and falls on our wooden floor. Then she starts crying and crying and crying and then the whole world can hear us! 

Anyway, I still love them. 

Family, they always think about you every single second. Every hour they’re thinking about you. 

And now while I’m sitting on the classroom floor typing with the smooth and black keyboard, I’m thinking about them. 

I am thinking about when me and my brother were jumping happily on the trampoline. 

I am thinking about when I help dad at work. 

I am thinking about when me and mum cook together. 

Are you thinking about your family? 

Every day when I get home from school, I can see mum’s smiling face at the door waiting for me. 

You see they always think about you. 

When dad’s picking me up from the drive though I can see him from the tinted window then when I get in the car, he has bought me my favourite bubblegum flavour, strawberry!  

You get it now, they always think about you. 

So that’s what matters to me. What matters to you? 

This week, remember to make time for what matters to you. 

Laudato Si Week 
This week, our school celebrated Laudato Si Week. Laudato Si Week is an annual week held in May where communities reflect on Pope Francis’ encyclical entitled “Laudato Si – Our Common Home”.  

At St Emilie’s, we currently have a focus on sustainability as part of the school’s improvement focus for 2024. During Laudato Si Week, opportunities for the children to reflect on this important sustainability message will be provided. 

If you are on site this week, I encourage you to make time to check out the pin up board located outside the Library near the Year Three Class with ideas about how to integrate sustainable practices into your life every week. 

This year, in our inaugural Laudato Si Week, we are raising awareness of what it means to be a community that values sustainable practice through a Catholic lens. 

For further information on Laudato Si Week, please click the link attached

Evacuation Drill – Monday 27 May  
The staff at St Emilie’s Catholic Primary School work diligently to ensure that the children in our care are safe at all times. This Monday 27 May, our school will participate in an Evacuation Drill.  

While of course, we hope that we will never have to put this process into practice in real life, it is important that as staff, we ensure that we are aware of the appropriate process if we ever need to evacuate and that our children are aware of what to do too. 

Staff will ensure that the children are advised of the drill beforehand and afterwards to ensure the children understand what they need to do and that we practice these drills to ensure they remain safe.

Late Collection of Children From School
An email was sent to all families across the school on Thursday as a reminder of the duty of care hours for children at St Emilie’s. Parents and carers, we ask that you endeavour to collect your children from school by 3:15pm each day. If you are on the odd occasion going to be late, please communicate with the school so we are aware. 

Parent Handbook – Updated on School Website
An updated copy of the Parent Handbook has now been added to the school website.  Follow the link to have a look at the updated Handbook

Uniform Update 
Earlier this year, information was shared with the community in regard to the supply of uniforms here at the school and that at a School Advisory Council level, we are currently investigating the best fit for the supply of school uniforms here at the school.  

Image Embroidery has recently advised me that they are currently out of stock of the following items: 

  • Girls Main Skorts Size 6 and Size 14 and above 
  • Boys Main Shorts Size 12 
  • Sports Shorts Size 6 

Currently, a large order that Image Embroidery has placed is stuck overseas in customs and therefore Image Embroidery has moved to air freight some supply of uniforms to ensure availability upon the school’s request. 

I would also like to advise parents and carers that upon the school’s request, this shipment contains larger sizes of shorts and skorts to accommodate those who require these sizes. 

Staff Profiles 
Over the course of the year, we will be sharing Staff Profiles of staff from our school. Now that you have been introduced to our new staff members in 2024, it is our pleasure to reacquaint you with some more familiar faces. This week, we share with you the profile of Mrs Tamara Yock who is the Class Teacher of Year Five Gold. 

Focus on the St. Emilie’s Catholic Primary School Code of Conduct
At St. Emilie’s Catholic Primary School, we pride ourselves on ensuring that children, staff, families and the wider community are safe when onsite here at school. To allow us to create and maintain a safe environment at all times, St. Emilie’s Catholic Primary School is bound by a code of conduct. The St. Emilie’s Catholic Primary School Code of Conduct outlines a minimum standard of conduct in all behaviour and decision making to ensure that our children are safe at all times. The code of conduct applies to every single person in our community and those who come onsite at school inherently agree to abide by the code of conduct. Visitors to the school during the day formally agree to follow the code of conduct when they sign in for their visit. 

This week we unpack ‘Standard Six – You treat personal information about members of the school community as private and confidential. 

All information collected and stored by St. Emilie’s Catholic Primary School is treated with care. Our school, like all Catholic schools, falls under the Privacy Act, which means that the school is bound to ensure that all information is treated in a private and confidential manner at all times and that we have stringent processes in place to ensure this is the case. 

The foundations of our relationship as a staff with our children and our families is based on trust. We ask that families trust our school implicitly and in order to demonstrate this, information collected by members of the school is handled sensitively. At a staff level, our staff speak about confidentiality often, not only to uphold our legal obligations to those in our care and their families but, also to ensure that we honour the dignity of the people in our community. 

The St Emilie’s Catholic Primary School Code of Conduct can be accessed on the school website by clicking on this link.

P&F Meeting – Wednesday 29 May 2024 
A reminder that our next P&F Meeting will take place on Wednesday 29 May commencing at 8:45am in the staffroom. All are welcome to attend! 

Pupil Free Day & Public Holiday – Friday, 31 May 2024 and Monday, 3 June 2024 
This week will be a short week for the children who will have a pupil free day on Friday, 31 May. The school will be closed on Monday 3 June for the WA Day Public Holiday. 

Chris Burns


Staff in the Spotlight

Mrs Yock

  1. Name
    Tamara Yock
  2. Role @ St Emilie’s in 2024?
    Year Five Gold Classroom Teacher
  3. Favourite part about being a staff member @ St. Emilie’s?
    Being supported by fabulous leaders, working with colleagues who are collaborative and caring and spending time with all your beautiful children. A shared Morning Tea is pretty good here too!
  4. What makes St Emilie’s a great community to be a part of?
    Not only are the school grounds a beautiful and green environment to work in, but being warmly greeted by passing families each morning or afternoon is such a pleasure.
  5. Favourite pastime/hobby?
    Being with my family camping, hiking or going to the beach. I also like to go scuba diving and listen to music, but in a past life I really enjoyed windsurfing.
  6. Favourite food?
    Thai or Curry… But I can’t resist a good gelato.
  7. Favourite holiday spot?
    My favourite local holiday spot would be Karijini or Exmouth but if I were to jump on a plane, I would travel to Whistler – I might be strongly swayed by getting to visit my niece and nephew there though.
  8. Favourite sport/team?
    Whilst they are not professionals, I really love watching my children play sport with their teammates and friends. Seeing young people display their talents and team spirit is the best. I am a West Coast Eagles fan and I do love watching competitive swimming too! Bring on the Olympics!
  9. What are you most looking forward to in the year ahead at St Emilie’s in 2024?
    Each year I love to get to know all the new students in my class. This year 5G is especially lucky to have a really fun, caring and creative group of students and I look forward to watching each student grow over the year.
  10. What does the school motto ‘Growing in Grace’ mean to you personally?
    Growing in Grace is such a beautiful motto for a school community. Life is just one long learning journey so to me, “Growing in Grace” embodies that continual personal development, whilst fostering kindness, empathy, and resilience. It signifies that through the journey of life, we can embrace challenges with compassion and understanding and I think that is really special.


IMPORTANT - Calling All Sibling Enrolments NOW

Interviews for Kindy students 2025, have begun this TERM, it is imperative that we have any enrolment forms for Siblings that may be due to begin Kindy next year. Please ensure you have submitted the enrolment for your child as soon as possible.

An application for enrolment can be collected from Administration or by visiting the School Website.

If you have a child who will be going into Kindy in 2025 (born between 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021), please ensure you submit an Enrolment Form application to Administration.


Friendship Fact #4

Check out the URSTRONG Facebook page and be sure to follow it. It is a wonderful page, full of new resources available to you.
Additionally, every family here at St Emilie’s has access to a  FREE Membership with URSTRONG.

  • Activate your FREE Parent Membership and explore all the resources available to your family.
  • Explore the hundreds of resources available to you!
Friendship Fact #4: Friendships change…and that’s okay.

Through our Friendology curriculum, we teach our students a whole new language for creating and maintaining friendships. They learn how to make friends, how to have conversations, how to build friendships that centre on trust and respect, the difference between Fitting-In and Belonging, how to keep their friendships in the Green-Zone on The Friend-o-Meter…and so much more.

And importantly, the students learn Friendship Fact #4. – Friendships change…and that’s okay.

By embracing and teaching the idea that “Friendships change…and that’s okay,” URSTRONG helps both children and parents navigate the natural ebb and flow of relationships with understanding, acceptance, and resilience.
“Friendships change…and that’s okay” is a powerful and reassuring concept for both children and parents. It emphasizes the natural evolution of relationships and helps normalize the idea that it’s perfectly fine for friendships to shift over time.
URSTRONG teaches children that as they grow and change, their interests, feelings, and circumstances also evolve. This can naturally lead to changes in their friendships. It helps them understand that friendships might change over time, and that’s okay. They might get closer to some friends and drift apart from others as their interests and circumstances evolve. As adults, it is important to reassure them that it’s normal for friendships to evolve and that they can always make new friends while cherishing the old ones.

Key Calendar Dates

Term Two 2024

Parents are encouraged to subscribe to our Calendar on our Website for the most up-to-date Calendar events.

Week Seven
Tuesday 28th May – Homework Club

Wednesday 29th May – 8.45am P & F Meeting
Wednesday 29th May – Staff Meeting

Friday 31st May – Pupil Free Day

Week Eight
Monday 3rd June- Western Australia Day Public Holiday

Tuesday 4th June – Homework Club

Wednesday 5th June – Staff Meeting
Wednesday 5th June – 6pm – Advisory Council Meeting

Thursday 6th June – Parent Circle

Friday 7th June – School Disco (Fiesta Theme)

Week Nine
Tuesday 11th June – Homework Club

Wednesday 12th June – Staff Meeting

Friday 14th June – Year Five Assembly

Week Ten
Monday 17th June – Feast of St Emilie de Vialar

Tuesday 18th June – Homework Club

Wednesday 19th June – 9am Feast of St Emilie de Vialar Mass
Wednesday 19th June – Staff Meeting

Thursday 20th June – Parent Circle
Thursday 20th June – 1.30pm to 2.45pm St Emilie’s First Reconciliation

Friday 21st June – Year Four Assembly

Week Eleven
Wednesday 26th June – 3.20pm Staff Meeting

Thursday 27th June – PP to Year Six Reports go on SEQTA Engage (pm)

Friday 28th June – Crazy Hat/Hair Day – Fundraiser for LifeLink
Friday 28th June – Term Two Concludes

P&F News

Fiesta Disco Tickets

The countdown to this year’s student disco is officially on!

Tickets are officially on sale. Please keep updated via the Weekly Reminder for further event information closer to the event date.


Fruit of the Holy Spirit

Self Control

Self-control is the capstone virtue of the Spirit, and it is the key to your spiritual integrity. It is the virtue that determines how effectively you build all the other spiritual virtues into your life. Without self-control, you will not operate with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and gentleness.

Self-discipline is the Greek word egkrateia, which means the self-discipline to exercise power over yourself. It is keeping yourself under control. It is Spirit-empowered self-mastery over your inner desires, thoughts, actions, and words. It is the cornerstone spiritual virtue in your battle against the old nature.

Your spiritual integrity is largely determined by your commitment to biblical self-discipline. Without this foundational virtue, there will be very little growth in grace. Before other disciplines can be applied, whether in the home, business, community, or church, there first must be Spirit-empowered self-control.

The biblical virtue of self-control is taught throughout the book of Proverbs. “Whoever is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city” (Proverbs 16.32). The word for “spirit” is ruach, and in this context it refers to your inner thoughts, emotions, and impulses. The Proverb challenges us to manage our emotions and not let our emotions manage us. The fruit of the Spirit is produced when you respond to God working in your life and you learn to “rule your spirit.”

Term Two

Weeks Seven to Eleven = Self Control
Week Seven: Stop and Think – How Do My Words and Actions Affect Me & Others
Week Eight: Act Don’t React
Week Nine: Trust Is Something You Earn
Week Ten: I Can Wait
Week Eleven: Finish The Things You Start

English as a Second Language

Keyed Up Music

St Emilie’s partners with Key Up Music to offer after school Music lessons.

Keyed Up Music will be teaching guitar, keyboard, voice, violin, and drum lessons after school. Please head to the Keyed Up Music Tab on our Website for more information.


Attendance Procedures

When your child/ren are absent from school please either email the teacher and

Use the Absentee Form on our Website.

It is a legal requirement for parents to contact the
School regarding any student absences. Parents should email the teacher and include admin by 9.00am on the day of the absence with the following information:

  • Full name of student
  • Year group
  • Reason for absence and expected length of absence
  • Your name and relationship to the student
  • Parents are required to inform the school if the absence is expected to be extended.

Absentee Long Term

It is a requirement for parents to complete the Leave of Absence Notification Form when taking planned extended holidays during the term.

Parents are required to return the below form to Administration prior to the absence.

Leaving Early

1. While we understand it is difficult to make specialist appointments outside of school hours, we strongly encourage you to do so where possible.

2. Please ensure you are emailing the class teacher along with admin, if your child is going to be taken out of school early for an appointment.

Parent Reading

This week under the Parent Reading heading, we have included an article titled, ‘Technology Giants and Our Kids’ by Dr Justin Coulson.

Google, X (formally Twitter), Meta (the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp) and other big tech companies do not care about you or your kids. They don’t care about bad actors, scammers, abusers, bullies, or anything that could impact their bottom line.

OSHC Newsletter

Wider Community

Ngala Parenting Line – funded by the WA state Government

The Parenting Line offers free telephone advice and support to parents and carers of children up to 18 years of age throughout Western Australia

Our team of qualified and friendly staff are on hand to offer information, strategies, reassurance and encouragement. They help parents and other professionals find the appropriate organisation or service to meet their need.

Hours of operation are 8am to 8pm, every day.  The Parenting Line operates as a Call-back service.

Ways to Contact the Parenting Line:

By Telephone:  08 9368 9368 or 1800 111 546 leave a message with Switchboard or on the Answer machine.

By Website fill in the online form.