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Advisory Council

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Advisory Council

The St Emilie’s Advisory Council consists of the Parish Priest, the Principal, a Parents and Friends Association representative, and representatives elected from the school community at the Annual Community Meeting.

Members work with the Principal to enact Quality Catholic Education across the Catholic School community, as well as strategically plan for the present and future operation of our school. Each member’s skills, opinions, ideas and practical support are harnessed to assist St Emilie’s School to continue to grow and flourish.

The Advisory Council meets twice a term, with an Annual Community Meeting being held once per year. At that particular meeting, a report by the Advisory Council Chairperson is presented and the Advisory Council Treasurer presents the provisional budget for the ensuing year. Also at that time, the election of members to the Advisory Council for the following year is held.

In representing the Catholic School community, Advisory members play a key role in actively promoting and supporting the Catholic ethos of the school.

St Emilies Catholic Primary School Annual Community Meeting

School Advisory Council 2023

Leah Bishop
Deputy Chairperson
Melinda Curren
Stefanie Malelo
P&F Representative
Rebecca Tennant
Elected Members
Nicole Grima
Christopher Day
Elected Member
Beau Jose
Parish Priest
Father Jean-Noel Marie
Chris Burns
School Bursar
Gillian Norris
Ex Officio Members
Assistant Principal
Stuart Munro
Sara Tonkin





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