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Parents & Friends

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Parents & Friends

St Emilie’s Primary School is very proud of its hard-working and supportive parent body, which continues to shape our school into the caring, successful and vibrant school community that it is.

Each year we rely on the generosity of our parents to assist us to raise fun and funds! While we appreciate that not all families are in a position to take on an executive role, we do ask that each family fully supports the P&F team each year and offers practical support wherever possible.

P&F meetings are held twice a term in the staffroom. 

Please check the Term Planner and Weekly Reminders for up-and-coming P&F events and meeting dates. All are welcome!

If you haven’t already, come join us on the P&F Facebook page! It’s a great way to stay connected, discover exciting activities, initiatives and behind-the-scenes magic unfolding at our school through the lens of P&F involvement.  See you there!

2024 P&F Executive Team

P&F Chairperson
Jain Chow
Pam Lawrence
Chris Burns
Assistant Principals
Stuart Munro
Sara Tonkin

2024 P&F Class Representatives

In addition to the P&F Executive Team, Year Group Representatives are parents just like you who have put up their hand to fulfil a couple of roles:

  • To help organise /advertise parent catch-ups throughout the year.
  • To be a positive and friendly point of contact, especially for new families to the class.
  • To support the P&F by helping to seek volunteers for various events.
Christopher Day and Fiona Messer
Stephanie Long and Melinda Burke
Year 1
Amy Harris and Sherry Izydorski
Year 2
Jess Curulli and Rahniq Dhanjal
Year 3
Ateka Fakhruddin
Year 4
Shirley Tan and Yolanda Silatonga
Year 5
May Yates and Gia Dietrich
Year 6
Josie Lofts and Sheree Taylor
St Emilies Catholic Primary School Annual Community Meeting





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