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Uniform Shop

Here at St Emilie’s we believe that a school uniform:
  • provides a sense of identity for students attending our school
  • is a way for parents and staff to assist children to adopt a sense of pride in both their personal appearance and in St Emilie’s Catholic Primary School
  • prevents students focusing on fashion trends here at school
  • prevents unnecessary, and in some cases hurtful comparison and competition among students in regards to what they wear
  • provides an economic means of clothing children over their years of schooling

It is a compulsory requirement of enrolment here at St Emilie’s that all students wear the correct school uniform at all times.

Parent cooperation and positive reinforcement by staff in regard to adhering to the school uniform procedure, are the preferred approaches used to ensure students wear the school uniform correctly.

Years 1 to 6 [Summer]
  1. Navy Blue Logo Shirts
  2. Navy Blue Button Skorts
  3. Navy Blue Spandex Shorts (Boys Years 1 – 3)
  4. Navy Blue Cotton Shorts (Boys Years 4 – 6)
  5. White high anklet socks
  6. Black, SPORT shoes, lace-ups or velcro, are compulsory.
Years 1 to 6 [Winter]
  1. Navy Blue Logo Shirt
  2. Navy Blue Long Tracksuit Pants
  3. Navy Blue Logo Jacket
Sports – Years 1 to 6
  1. House Shirts
    (MacKillop – DeVialar – Gannon – Mazenod)
  2. Sports Shirts
  3. Sports Shorts
  4. Sports Bag / Excursion Bag

Kindy and Pre-Primary students do not have a uniform.

Image Embroidery

Image Embroidery in Canning Vale manage our school uniform requirements.

Purchases can be made on the day of your visit and payment can be made by either eftpos, cash or credit card. The store is open 5 days a week providing greater accessibility to the uniform and convenience to the school community.

Contact Us
26 Tulloch Way, Canning Vale WA 6155
Office Hours

Monday to Friday 9am to 4.30pm

(except Christmas holidays/public holidays)


Eftpos, cash, credit card (2% surcharge) EFT – payment





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