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Weekly Reminders

Term One Week Three – Commencing Monday 12th February 2024

Vision, Mission, Values


St Emilie’s Catholic Primary School promotes life-long learning, in a safe and nurturing environment. We build upon the example of Jesus, using the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, to ‘Grow in Grace’.


Our mission is to inspire, nurture and support children to grow, as confident and capable learners and as authentic Christian people, relating to an ever changing world.


We respect ourselves and each other
We strive for excellence
We build well-being
We create a safe environment

From The Principal

Dear Families,
It feels like the year has just begun and already we turn our attention to a very important time within our Catholic community as we prepare to enter the liturgical season of Lent. 

Let commences this coming week on Ash Wednesday where, as many of you will know, ashes are distributed to the followers of Jesus by being placed on their foreheads to mark the beginning of the Lenten period. The ashes which are left over from the burning of palm leaves from Palm Sunday the previous year signify our commitment to the season of Lent and are a visual reminder of this solemn time when we journey with Jesus in his darkest time. During this time, we walk with those in our community and in our world who are doing it tough

Classes across the school will be focussing on Lent in the Religious Education Units of Work and children will be reminded about the pillars of Lent which are prayer, fasting and almsgiving, which are often linked to a person’s Lenten Promise. 

During Lent, you will see that a wooden cross with a purple cloth tied around it can be found in different areas of the school. It will be moved to a different spot each day. I encourage you and your children to look out for this cross as you come to school each day. It will serve as a reminder that we are in a special time. 

Ash Wednesday
Ash Wednesday is on Wednesday 14 February. On Ash Wednesday the Parish will be offering an 8:00am Mass and 6:00pm Mass and all parents and children from the school are invited to attend. If you do decide to attend Mass at 8:00am on Wednesday with your child, please know that we are happy to excuse your child from being late to school on this day. 

Absentee SMS messages will be sent later in the morning on Ash Wednesday after Mass to avoid any confusion. 

All children will participate in a Liturgy in their year levels at school on Wednesday and each child and staff member across the school will receive the ashes on their foreheads. 

Shrove Tuesday
Leading into Ash Wednesday is the day of Shrove Tuesday which takes place the day before Lent commences. Traditionally, Shrove Tuesday was a celebration where people would bring food and supplies for a feast before the fasting period of Lent. These foods were usually basic hence, why today we flip pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Sharing pancakes on Shrove Tuesday is a great way to open up a conversation with your children about Lent.

New Staff Profiles
Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing Staff Profiles for staff who are new to St Emilie’s in 2024. This week we share with you the profile of Ms Amy Dreyer and we welcome Amy to our community. 

Swimming Training
A reminder for children in Year Three to Year Six that House Swimming Training commences this Tuesday 13 February at Riverton Leisureplex. Information was sent home to parents and carers this week about training, and I would encourage parents and carers to have a look at the relevant information. It is important to note that there is an expectation that children can swim 50 meters unassisted. These sessions are not designed to be swimming lessons but are more designed to improve stamina and technique. We thank Mr Davis for his organisation of the sessions as well as our various other staff members who are giving up their morning to assist with training.

Open Night – Term Three
In 2024, Open Classrooms will take place in Term Three. This is different from previous years when Open Classrooms were scheduled for Term One as well as Term Three. The reason behind this shift is to ensure that children and staff are given adequate time to settle into the term without the added pressure of preparing classrooms for such a big occasion so soon in the year. At the commencement of the year in particular, staff at St Emilie’s work diligently to not only develop quality relationships with the children and families in their care, but also work diligently to collect data on the children to ensure teaching and learning programs are best directed. To make sure that there is adequate room given to children and staff to get to know one another deeply and establish teaching and learning routines, Open Night will take place in Term Three only when class routines and relationships are well and truly set. Parents and carers are encouraged to continue to keep the lines of communication open with their child’s class teacher and ensure that they book a meeting with their child’s class teacher for a Two Way Interview which will take place between Monday 13 March and Friday 24 March. During this meeting, your child’s class teacher will be best able to explain how your child has settled into school as well as set goals to work toward for the semester.  

Uniform – Thank You
A huge thank you to all parents and carers for ensuring that your children have started the year with such a high standard of uniform. We appreciate your support and cooperation in working with us. 

St Emilie’s P&F
On Wednesday morning, our School P&F met for the first time to discuss all things St Emilie’s. It was so pleasing to have such a healthy turnout as preparations for 2024 and beyond were discussed starting with the Family Picnic which will take place on Friday 15 February between 5:00pm and 7:30pm. 

Over the coming weeks, we will use the Weekly Reminders to link our community to the P&F tab on our website where the most up to date relevant information can be found. 

If you haven’t already, come join us on the P&F Facebook page! It’s a great way to stay connected, discover exciting activities, initiatives and behind-the-scenes magic unfolding at our school through the lens of P&F involvement.  See you there! 🤗 

Parent Circle
Parent Circle will once again be offered at St Emilie’s in 2024. Parent Circle is a chance for families to gather on site on the Thursdays indicated on the flyer to meet and connect with others and on occasion, be provided with information on various topics. 

The Parent Circle Leader in 2024 is Catrina Schryver. Please see the flyer attached for further information. 

Carpark Procedures
An important reminder that student safety is of the utmost importance here at St Emilie’s. It is important that you familiarise yourself with the carpark and drive-through procedures. Additionally, we highly recommend that you share this information with grandparents/relatives/friends that may collect your child/ren. 

St Emilie’s has established a drive-through system to facilitate a safe and efficient means of delivering and collecting children by car without the need to park. A one-way system around the school block has been designed for both morning drop-off and afternoon pickup, to ensure traffic movement is predictable, safe and efficient. All cars must enter via the Amherst Road roundabout entrance. 

Please click here to view the procedure and map. Please ensure anyone who is picking up your child/ren at drive-through has a name tag displayed. Contact the office if you need additional name tags. There is also some information below from the City of Gosnells about safer school parking. Please read this information as well. 

School Fees 2024
School Fee Statements for 2024 have been sent to families. At St Emilie’s, we provide many options for families to pay off school fees. Throughout the year if you are finding payments difficult to make, please contact the school to make a confidential appointment to meet with myself.  

A reminder that if you have a Health Care or Pension Card with your child’s name on it, please ensure that the school has an up-to-date copy of the card to ensure we can pass on the relevant discount.  

Absentees on Website
This year we encourage parents and carers to provide information about absentees for their child via the school website. When you fill out the absentee form on the website, notification comes to both the Administration Office as well as your child’s class teacher.  

School Hours – Drop Off and Pick Up
A reminder for parents and carers that children should not be arriving to school any earlier than 8:20am in the morning when our official duty of care commences. Before this time there is no supervision for your child at school as our staff are not rostered on to duty until 8:20am. A reminder also that school concludes at 3:00pm. Parents and carers are asked to collect their children in a timely manner. We of course understand that at times, unexpected delays can occur when collecting your child at the end of the day and we ask you to keep us informed if this is the case so we can ensure your child is kept safe. 

Children wearing watches to school
Children are most welcome to wear a watch to school. We ask that watches that are worn to school do not have other functions besides telling the time, including the ability to take photos, play games or connect to the internet or wifi. These functions are not necessary when at school and have the potential to distract from teaching and learning.

We ask that watch straps be neutral colours such as black, navy blue, grey or white. Bright or neon-coloured watch straps are not permitted.

As many of you will be aware, our school has its own Facebook page. If you haven’t done so already, you are invited to join us or search the hashtag #growingingrace_stemilies 

Parenting Article
This week under the Parent Reading heading, we have included an article titled, ‘Consequences’ by Dr Justin Coulson. Contrary to what anyone may say, our children rarely need to learn the consequences of their actions. They just need to be supported to choose better ones.

Thank you,

Chris Burns


New Staff in the Spotlight

Miss Amy Dreyer

  1. Name
    Amy Dreyer
  2. Role @ St Emilie’s in 2024?
    Year Six Teacher
  3. Favourite part about being a staff member @ St. Emilie’s so far?
    The school community has been extremely welcoming, and I feel blessed to be a part of such a special school. Getting to know my students has been my favourite part and I cannot wait to see them blossom as leaders of the school this year.
  4. Favourite Pastime/Hobby?
    I love walking along the beach, swimming in the ocean and spending time with loved ones.
  5. Favourite Food?
  6. Favourite Holiday Spot?
    Anywhere in Europe!
  7. Favourite Sport/Team?
    Tennis and Footy.
  8. What Are You Most Looking Forward to in the Year Ahead at St Emilie’s in 2024?
    Year Six Camp


Creating a Culture of Kindness

URSTRONG’s whole-school friendship strategy has improved the social climate in schools around the world, connecting over a million kids, parents, and teachers with a common language of friendship. We are proud to be a URSTRONG School and are committed to empowering your children with friendship skills.

You are invited to take advantage of a FREE Parent Membership to access hundreds of resources – including an 8 session video series. This will allow you to learn the same language & strategies being taught in the classroom through the Friendology 101 curriculum. We hope that, as a URSTRONG Family, you will reinforce the important messages of empowerment, self-compassion, & kindness at home.

As a next step, we would recommend:

    • Click here to view an overview of URSTRONG.
    • Activate your FREE Parent Membership and explore all the resources available to your family.
    • Explore the hundreds of resources available to you!

We believe that empowering our students with these skills will create a culture of kindness at our school and we hope that, together, we can support your children to have healthy, feel-good friendships.

SAVE THE DATE Parent Information Session is Week Eight, Thursday March 21st.  The session is designed to be a child-parent workshop and is online.  Details will follow.


NOW Accepting Kindy Enrolments for 2025

We are now accepting enrolments for Kindy 2025. If you have a child who will be going into Kindy in 2025 (born between 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021), please ensure you submit an Enrolment Form application to the office. An application for enrolment can be collected from Administration or by visiting the School Website.

Key Calendar Dates

Term One 2024

Parents are encouraged to subscribe to our Calendar on our Website for the most up-to-date Calendar events.  Below is a list of important events for the first five weeks of Term One.

Saturday 27th January – Enrolment Forms for all Sacraments available from Church

Week Two

Saturday 10th February – 6pm Sacramental Commitment Mass

Sunday 11th February – 7.30am, 9.30am & 5pm – Sacramental Commitment Masses

Week Three
Wednesday 14th February – 9am – Ash Wednesday Mass

Friday 16th February – Year Six Leadership Day

Friday 16th February – 5pm to 7.30pm – Family Picnic

Week Four
Wednesday 21st February – 5pm Annual Community Meeting

Friday 23rd February – 8.45m Year Six Assembly

Week Five
Monday 26th February – House Swimming Trials – Year Four to Six selected students

Tuesday 27th February – School Photo Day One

Wednesday 28th February – School Photo Day Two

Wednesday 28th February – 3.20pm Staff Meeting

Friday 1st March – Pupil Free Day

Week Six   YAY WEEK

Wednesday 6 March – Golf Clinics

Week Seven
Monday 11th March – Parent/Teacher Interviews Begin

Tuesday 12th March- 1.20pm – 2.50pm Year Six Parent – Session Becoming a Man/Woman

Wednesday 13th March- 8.45am P&F Meeting

Wednesday 13th March – Year Three & Five NAPLAN –  Writing

Wednesday 13th March – Golf Clinics

Wednesday 13th March – Kindy Speech Screening Begins

Thursday 14th March – Year Three & Five NAPLAN – Reading

Friday 15th March – Year Three & Five  NAPLAN – Language Conventions

P & F News

Family Picnic 16th February

A friendly reminder that we are planning to hold our Family Picnic on Friday, the 16th February from 5.00pm to 7.30pm on our School Oval.

This will be a ‘low-key’ school community event aimed at providing an opportunity for families to simply be together and to catch up with one another in a relaxed, social setting. There will be fantastic live music, games and lots of laughs to be had.

The P&F will create some signed areas, especially for any new Kindy or PP families who would like to meet and sit with other families in their year level.

Please be mindful that it will be busy in the evening, and your patience and common courtesy are appreciated. Staff will relocate cars in the afternoon to the Junior Oval, to make more room for our families in the carpark.  We ask that you be considerate to our neighbours and their need to get in and out of their homes.  If you live close by or can carpool, this would be recommended. 

While you are very welcome to bring your own picnic dinner, a Sausage Sizzle is also being offered as a cheap and easy alternative for any interested families. We have catered for 300 Sausage Sizzles and it will be a first in best dressed basis. 

Payment is to be made, via EFTPOS or cash, on the night, at a cost of $2.50 each. An ice cream van will be on-site for your convenience and enjoyment.

While it is acceptable for parents to bring drinks to the event, responsible alcohol consumption is of course expected. There will be a limited bar available of wine ($5.00 glass), beer ($5.00 bottle), soft drinks ($2.00). Both EFTPOS and cash payments will be accepted.

Car Bay Raffle
Would you like to be the lucky recipient of a ‘prime position’ RESERVED Car Bay for the remainder of Term One and all of Term Two?

Raffle tickets will be available at the Family Picnic and will be drawn on the night. 

Things for the Kids to Do
Staff will set up some simple games and equipment on the oval for any families who wish to partake in some extra fun. Children are to either be sitting with their family or playing on the oval with a parent overseeing their movements. It is the responsibility of parents and carers to supervise their children at all times. Staff are overseeing a number of other duties on the night.

Please note that for both legal and safety reasons no children are permitted to play on any of the playground equipment at all during the picnic. Children are encouraged to bring a ball, a book, drawing gear or game to also keep them entertained.

Home Time
At about 7.15pm we ask families to please pack up and to take your own rubbish home.
Respecting this end time means that pack-up can happen while it is still light and staff can get home to see their own families at a reasonable time. Thank you!

We would greatly appreciate any assistance with packing up at the end of the evening.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Parent Circle

Parent Circle will once again be offered at St Emilie’s in 2024. Parent Circle is a chance for families to gather on-site on the Thursdays indicated on the below flyer to meet and connect with others and on occasion, be provided with information on various topics. 

Fruit of the Holy Spirit


True kindness is taught to us in Ephesians 4:31-32, “Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each another, just as in Christ God forgave you.”

But, what is kindness? It begins with caring, being tenderhearted and compassionate. The Greek word for ‘kind’ is chrestos—meaning ‘useful.’ This means that kindness involves action. Truly kind people will actively look for opportunities to show kindness.

Whether it’s paying for someone’s coffee at the drive-through behind them or writing a note of encouragement to a friend, kindness requires action. Of course, action can also include words—words of encouragement, comfort, courtesy and compliments can be heartwarming acts of kindness.

Jesus Christ practiced kindness that was considered radical for that time and culture. His kindness often extended to the people that were not treated well, including the sick, poor and social outcasts. He healed them, prayed with them and fed them.

Just like Jesus, we should practice kindness, even something as small as a smile at a passing stranger. We should continue to ripen our fruit of kindness in the footsteps of Jesus, who personified the greatest example of kindness.

Term One

Weeks Three to Five = Kindness

Week Three: ‘We’ not ‘Me”

Week Four: We All Rise By Lifting Others

Week Five: Empathy Is Understanding the Feelings of Others

Weeks Six to Nine = Joy

Week Six: See The Good in Every Situation

Week Seven: Find Beauty in Everyday Things

Week Eight: There is Great Joy in Giving

Week Nine: Don’t Let Anything Take Your JOY

English as a Second Language

Keyed Up Music

St Emilie’s partners with Key Up Music to offer after school Music lessons.

Keyed Up Music will be teaching guitar, keyboard, voice, violin, and drum lessons after school. Please head to the Keyed Up Music Tab on our Website for more information.


Attendance Procedures

When your child/ren are absent from school please either email the teacher and

Use the Absentee Form on our Website.

It is a legal requirement for parents to contact the
School regarding any student absences. Parents should email the teacher and include admin by 9.00am on the day of the absence with the following information:

  • Full name of student
  • Year group
  • Reason for absence and expected length of absence
  • Your name and relationship to the student
  • Parents are required to inform the school if the absence is expected to be extended.

Absentee Long Term

It is a requirement for parents to complete the Leave of Absence Notification Form when taking planned extended holidays during the term.

Parents are required to return the below form to Administration prior to the absence.

Leaving Early

1. While we understand it is difficult to make specialist appointments outside of school hours, we strongly encourage you to do so where possible.

2. Please ensure you are emailing the class teacher along with admin, if your child is going to be taken out of school early for an appointment.

Parent Reading

OSHC Newsletter

Wider Community