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Weekly Reminders

Term One Week Seven – Commencing Monday 11th March 2024

Vision, Mission, Values


St Emilie’s Catholic Primary School promotes life-long learning, in a safe and nurturing environment. We build upon the example of Jesus, using the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, to ‘Grow in Grace’.


Our mission is to inspire, nurture and support children to grow, as confident and capable learners and as authentic Christian people, relating to an ever changing world.


We respect ourselves and each other
We strive for excellence
We build well-being
We create a safe environment

From The Principal

Dear Families,

This edition of the Weekly Reminders is well and truly dedicated to the wonderful women of St Emilie’s. Whether it be the staff who spring into school to care for our children each day or the mothers and mother figures who are part of this community, today is about celebrating the amazing women in our community, as well as across the globe. 

As I was visiting classes earlier this week, I happened to pop into Year Six when the children were planning biographies about someone they believe has been a role model to them. Among the many amazing women which included Nobel Prize winners, famous sports stars and artists, were people who were close to the children, including mothers, grandmothers and sisters. The children in our community are shaped by the love and care of the women in this community. Thank you. 

On behalf of the staff at St Emilie’s, I wish you all a fantastic International Women’s Day. 

URSTRONG Launch Day – URSTRONG in Every Shade of Green
What a splendid sight it was at drop off today with our children and staff arriving to school in many shades of green for our URSTRONG Launch Day. Green is the colour of healthy friendship. To celebrate healthy friendships and to officially welcome the URSTRONG whole school friendship strategy to our school, today, St Emilie’s turned green. 

Our children participated in many different activities across the day to promote healthy friendships. The building of healthy friendships does not start and end here at school though. Perhaps the most important part of the URSTRONG approach is the support from home. Parents and carers, we strongly urge you to get on board with the URSTRONG strategy by signing up for the resources and training that you can do with your child at home. The continuity of language between school and home is essential. If we get the language of the URSTRONG approach correct, I am confident we will have great success with embedding this strategy into our school. 

A reminder for parents and carers to please tune in with your child on Thursday 21 March for the URSTRONG Parent Information Evening. 

New Staff Profiles 
Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing Staff Profiles for staff who are new to St Emilie’s in 2024. This week we share with you the profile of Kris Harris. We welcome Kris to our community. 

2024 NAPLAN Online 
This week, I ask our community to keep the children and staff in Year Three and Year Five in their thoughts and prayers as they participate in the 2024 NAPLAN Online Assessments. NAPLAN is a standardised assessment that is administered to all children in Year Three, Five, Seven and Nine across Australia in the areas of Writing, Reading, Language Conventions and Mathematics. 

It is important that out children prepare themselves to do their best in the assessments by looking after themselves this coming week. I would recommend that children are getting the suggested ten hours of sleep for growing bodies, eating a balanced diet with plenty of water, as well as ensuring that they have down time outside and are moving their bodies. 

As adults, our modelling in situations which are unusual or slightly more stressful than usual is vital. To parents and carers of children in Year Three and Year Five, please encourage your children to do their best, and as best you can, avoid placing any unnecessary or undue pressure on your child in regard to NAPLAN. 

NAPLAN is a snapshot of a child’s learning journey. One test on one day does not define a child. As we know, our children possess many God given gifts and talents that paint the whole picture of a child. 

Learning Extension @St Emilie’s 
Once again in 2024, our school is pleased to be able to provide Learning Extension opportunities to children who are in Year Four, Year Five and Year Six.  

Learning Extension at St Emilie’s provides children who are achieving well in their class work and specialist class work, and whose behaviour and effort are impeccable, to participate in learning activities outside of the class that extend their learning. 

If your child has been included in Learning Extension opportunities for the semester, parents and carers will be notified by the end of term. 

Zero Waste Lunches 
With a focus on sustainability and reducing our waste here at St Emilie’s, parents and carers are asked to pack their child waste free lunches. This reduces the amount of packaging going into landfill. For further information, please see the flyer below. 

A message from Lumen Christi College –  Tour  –  Thursday, 14 March at 9:15am 
Lumen Christi College invites you to attend our upcoming College Tour on Thursday, 14 March. Led by our wonderful student leaders, the tour provides families with an excellent opportunity to view our grounds and facilities, and discover the rich opportunities and quality experiences that Lumen Christi College provides. 

To register for this tour, please visit  

Are you prepared for winter uniform? 
While only last week we were sweating with some very warm temperatures, the cooler months will sneak up on us all in no time. It is important that if you have not thought about purchasing winter uniforms from Image Embroidery our school uniform provider, that you do so. At present, Image Embroidery have informed the school that there is adequate stock for winter. 

P & F Meeting 
All are welcome to join in next Wednesday 13 March at 9:00am for our second P & F Meeting for the year. We look forward to seeing you there.  The minutes from our previous meeting can be found on the P&F page here on our Website.

Commbank Teacher Awards 
Nominations are now open for the Commbank Teaching Awards. If you would like to nominate one of our wonderful staff for the awards, please visit here.

School Visit from Ms Sally O’Dea – St Emilie’s Catholic Primary School Foundation Principal
This week, our staff are very excited to welcome back Ms Sally O’Dea who is the foundation principal at St Emilie’s. Ms O’Dea will be visiting our school for morning tea and a school tour. Ms O’Dea is fondly remembered by many staff, parents and carers in the school community for her amazing and transformational work in starting what was then known as Canning Vale Catholic Primary School. At that stage, our school was a small Kindy to Year Two school. How we have grown! 

Striving for Work Life Balance at St Emilie’s and a Right to Disconnect
The staff at St Emilie’s are a very dedicated and committed group of professionals. The staff at our school show the utmost diligence in providing for the children they care for each day. Recently, there have been some changes to the working conditions for teachers and their workloads outside of working hours.

Below is some information that is important for you to know in relation to the these new legislated changes for our teachers as part of their updated employment conditions.

As has always been the case at St Emilie’s and is indicated in the Parent Handbook, unless a matter is urgent, it is reasonable to expect up to a 48 hour turnaround time in response to emails from school staff. In most cases, teachers are unable to respond during the school day because they’re teaching for the majority of the time and have a legal duty of care over the children in their class.

Teachers also have the right to disconnect from 4.00pm each day until 8:15am the following day as per the new changes. Along with this, teachers have the right to disconnect on weekends and won’t respond to any emails on Saturday or Sunday. Part-time staff are not required to respond to any form of communication on their non-working days.

Underpinning this change is the acknowledgement that our staff at St Emilie’s have lives outside of school also. Many staff are parents, family members and friends to their loved ones and it is important that after work hours, they have the right to fulfil these roles without interruption in line with the expectations placed upon other professionals.

At St Emilie’s, we are blessed to have such a supportive parent body and I know that you will continue to support our staff by keeping these changes in mind when communicating with them.

Chris Burns


New Staff in the Spotlight

Miss Kris Harris

  1. Name
    Kris Harris
  2. Role @ St Emilie’s in 2024?
    Digital Technologies Teacher
  3. Favourite part about being a staff member @ St Emilie’s so far?
    The warm welcome I have received from everyone, staff, students and parents.
  4. Favourite Pastime/Hobby?
    Being creative, whether that means cooking, painting, or building with LEGO.
  5. Favourite Food?
    Kway Teow Noodles and Mangoes
  6. Favourite Holiday Spot?
  7. Favourite Sport/Team?
    Basketball – Perth Wildcats
  8. What Are You Most Looking Forward to in the Year Ahead at St Emilie’s in 2024?
    Exploring the world of Digi Tech and supporting the community of St Emilie’s to develop their skills.


Creating a Culture of Kindness

We are hoping that families have taken the opportunity to sign up for their FREE Membership with URSTRONG.

  • Activate your FREE Parent Membership and explore all the resources available to your family.
  • Explore the hundreds of resources available to you!

We hope that, as a URSTRONG Family, you will reinforce the important messages of empowerment, self-compassion, & kindness at home.

You are invited to attend an ONLINE Language of Friendship parent-child workshop for CEWA’s URSTRONG Schools on Thursday 21 March at 6:00pm. Dana Kerford, Founder of URSTRONG, will teach you and your children skills + language to foster healthy, feel-good friendships. A link to register will be sent to you this week. LOOK OUT FOR THE LINK IN YOUR INBOX.


NOW Accepting Kindy Enrolments for 2025

We are now accepting enrolments for Kindy 2025. If you have a child who will be going into Kindy in 2025 (born between 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021), please ensure you submit an Enrolment Form application to the office. An application for enrolment can be collected from Administration or by visiting the School Website.

Key Calendar Dates

Term One 2024

Parents are encouraged to subscribe to our Calendar on our Website for the most up-to-date Calendar events.  Below is a list of important events for the first five weeks of Term One.

Week Seven
Monday 11th March – Parent/Teacher Interviews Begin

Tuesday 12th March – Interschool Swimming Training
Tuesday 12th March – 1.20pm – 2.50pm Year Six Parent – Session Becoming a Man/Woman

Wednesday 13th March – 8.45am P&F Meeting
Wednesday 13th March – Year Three & Five NAPLAN –  Writing
Wednesday 13th March – Golf Clinics
Wednesday 13th March – Kindy Speech Screening Begins

Thursday 14th March – Year Three & Five NAPLAN – Reading

Friday 15th March – Year Three & Five  NAPLAN – Language Conventions

Week Eight
Monday 18 March – Parent/Teacher Interviews Continue
Monday 18th March – Year Three & Five NAPLAN –  Numeracy

Tuesday 19th March – Feast of St Joseph–Gannon House Day
Tuesday 19th March – Interschool Swimming Training
Tuesday 19th March – Year Three & Five NAPLAN –  Make Up Sessions

Wednesday 20th March – Year Three & Five NAPLAN –  Make Up Sessions
Wednesday 20th March – 6pm Advisory Council Meeting

Thursday 21st March – Interschool Swimming
Thursday 21st March – URSTRONG Parent Information Session

Friday 22nd March – Year Four Assembly
Friday 22nd March – Year Three Excursion
Friday 22nd March – Parent Teacher Interviews End

Week Nine
Monday 25th March to Wednesday 27th March – Year Six Camp

Wednesday 27th March – Staff Meeting

Thursday 28th March – 8.45am Easter Tableau, Year Five
Thursday 28th March – 3pm Term One Concludes

Friday 29th March – Good Friday

Term Two

Week One
Monday 15th April – Term Two Begins

Wednesday 17th April – Staff Meeting

Friday 19th April – Harmony Day Dress Up Day

Week Two
Tuesday 23rd April – Year Six Interschool Cricket Carnival

Wednesday 24th April – Staff Meeting

Thursday 25th April – Anzac Day Public Holiday

Friday 26th April – Pupil Free Day

P & F News

Easter Hot Cross Bun Fundraiser

Bakers Delight Forest Lakes would like to offer our St Emilie’s community the opportunity to help us raise money for the school.

Hot Cross Buns are $9 each (6 pack). Flavours are: NEW Sticky Date, Traditional, Choc Chip, Apple and Cinnamon.

Savoury Options are available too for $7.90 per pack – Mini cheese & bacon roll, Mini Cheesymite scroll, Mini chess & tomato roll.

The more buns you purchase, the more funds you earn for our school.
(No additional online booking fees)

Remember to ask family and friends if they would like to order some too.
Thank you for your support!

Bookings OPEN on the 5th March via trybooking
St Emilie’s Easter Hot Cross Buns Fundraising Orders

Parent Circle

Parent Circle will once again be offered at St Emilie’s in 2024. Parent Circle is a chance for families to gather on-site on Thursdays.

Our last Parent Circle for Term One will be held on Thursday, March 21st. We look forward to seeing you there.

Fruit of the Holy Spirit


The second fruit of the Spirit is joy. The word ‘joy’ appears nearly 200 times in the Bible, which helps us understand just how important this second sweet fruit of the Spirit really is. Joy is a condition of the heart.

People often confuse joy with happiness, but they are not interchangeable. Joy is from within, regardless of what is going on around you. Happiness can be a blurred emotion, dependent on a situation. Joyful people make a commitment to gratitude regardless of the circumstances.

In Greek, the word for joy is ‘chara.’ This describes a feeling of inner gladness, delight or rejoicing. This inner gladness leads to a cheerful heart and a cheerful heart leads to cheerful behavior.

The most important attribute of joy is that you can find joy in adversity. This can be a difficult idea to grasp, because joy might be the last thing we are feeling when facing struggles. God knows our sorrows, heartaches and fears and He calls us to rejoice anyway. He wants us to live a life full of joy and promise.

Particularly in these difficult times we are facing during the worldwide pandemic, it may seem difficult to be joyful. Our lives have changed, and we are facing adversity that is unprecedented. Certainly, many of us are not happy. But, joy is an internal experience, and even through our own unhappy circumstances, we can find joy in the midst of the storm with our faith in God.

Term One

Seven = Joy

Week Seven: Find Beauty in Everyday Things

Weeks Eight & Nine = Joy

Week Eight: There is Great Joy in Giving

Week Nine: Don’t Let Anything Take Your JOY

English as a Second Language

Keyed Up Music

St Emilie’s partners with Key Up Music to offer after school Music lessons.

Keyed Up Music will be teaching guitar, keyboard, voice, violin, and drum lessons after school. Please head to the Keyed Up Music Tab on our Website for more information.


Attendance Procedures

When your child/ren are absent from school please either email the teacher and

Use the Absentee Form on our Website.

It is a legal requirement for parents to contact the
School regarding any student absences. Parents should email the teacher and include admin by 9.00am on the day of the absence with the following information:

  • Full name of student
  • Year group
  • Reason for absence and expected length of absence
  • Your name and relationship to the student
  • Parents are required to inform the school if the absence is expected to be extended.

Absentee Long Term

It is a requirement for parents to complete the Leave of Absence Notification Form when taking planned extended holidays during the term.

Parents are required to return the below form to Administration prior to the absence.

Leaving Early

1. While we understand it is difficult to make specialist appointments outside of school hours, we strongly encourage you to do so where possible.

2. Please ensure you are emailing the class teacher along with admin, if your child is going to be taken out of school early for an appointment.

Parent Reading

This week under the Parent Reading heading, we have included an article titled, ‘When My Child Won’t Listen’ by Dr Justin Coulson. One of the most common complaints from parents about their children is that, “The kids just won’t listen.” But guess what. They are listening. They’re just not complying!

OSHC Newsletter

Wider Community

Ngala Parenting Line – funded by the WA state Government

The Parenting Line offers free telephone advice and support to parents and carers of children up to 18 years of age throughout Western Australia

Our team of qualified and friendly staff are on hand to offer information, strategies, reassurance and encouragement. They help parents and other professionals find the appropriate organisation or service to meet their need.

Hours of operation are 8am to 8pm, every day.  The Parenting Line operates as a Call-back service.

Ways to Contact the Parenting Line:

By Telephone:  08 9368 9368 or 1800 111 546 leave a message with Switchboard or on the Answer machine.

By Website fill in the online form.